A theatre addict’s favourite: Wish List at the Royal Court

I don’t do traditional theatre reviews. I’m not a critic, and am not prepared to sit on my fat arse finding fault with someone else’s Art. I do, however, reserve the right to gush about shows I’ve particularly loved. So here goes, my big love-fest for Wish List at the Royal Court.


Why did I love it so much?

If you look at the description (here: https://royalcourttheatre.com/whats-on/wish-list/ ) it doesn’t sound like the jolliest night of theatre. Don’t let that put you off. There is so much humour in this wonderful show. It isn’t a bleak, worthy, issues-bashing play. It’s human, complex, compassionate and moving. The pivotal role of Tamsin is played with great warmth by Erin Doherty, she is simply wonderful. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what she does next, she is definitely a star on the rise. I don’t say that lightly, and while I’ve highlighted Erin’s performance, the whole cast are bloody fabulous and a joy to watch.

Speaking of rising stars, I’ll also be following Katherine Soper’s playwriting career with a keen eye. If this is her start point, I can’t wait to see where she takes us next.

Who would I recommend it to?

Anyone with an ounce of humanity. If you know any tame politicians, take them along, they could do with seeing this. Might put some fire in their bellies about treating the most vulnerable in our society better. This is a beautiful piece about a girl fighting for a life for her and her brother: family, love, hope, work, soft rock etc.. these are universal, mass appeal themes (well maybe not the soft rock, I have many friends who have yet to embrace the beauty of  a well made power ballad).

Useful information:

Wish List is running at the Royal Court Upstairs until Saturday 11th February.

The show starts at 7.45pm on week nights (3pm matinees).  It is a free seating space and doors tend to open about 10-15 minutes before the show starts. I’d recommend getting there at least 20 mins before to queue for good seats, although as with a lot of small spaces most of the seats are great. I just get insanely competitive when it’s free seating and have a penchant for the front row.

There is no interval and it runs for 1hr 45 mins (no readmission so go to the toilet before, with most of the seats you have to cross the stage to leave, and you wouldn’t want to be THAT person). You can take drinks in with you should you feel inclined to hit the bar.

Tickets are still available but they are limited. Some nights have already sold out, so if you do plan to see Wish List book ASAP.

Press night is tonight (Thurs 12th January), if the reviewers love this as much as I do, they’re going to be encouraging their readers to book too, so I really wouldn’t dally.


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