An epic case of theatre FOMO


As an avid theatre-goer who has been forced to scale back her theatre going, I’m suffering from serious theatre FOMO.  I’ve been lucky enough to see some shows on their press nights, but generally my theatre going has been seriously curtailed.

I know I have a fair few people who, much to my surprise, listen to my recommendations and I’d hate for you all to miss out on some of the fabulous stuff that is happening in town at the moment. So this is my first theatre FOMO post, dedicated to all those shows I’m itching to see, but probably won’t be able to. There is no reason, however, that you lovely folk have to miss out too.

I’ve put these in a very simple chronological order, starting with those that close first, so you know if you need to get your skates on.  So here goes, my theatre FOMO list for May:

  • Grotty at the Bunker Theatre runs until 26th May. Billed as a play about the lesbian subculture in London, my twitter feed has been buzzing with a lot of love for this show. If you’ve never been to the Bunker it’s a lovely, relatively new venue that is well worth checking out.
  • Nine Night at the National Theatre also closes 26th May.  I’m putting this one on the list out of pure stubbornness as it is now sold out, but you might get lucky trying for returns on the night. I’ve seen so much love for this show I’m gutted I’m missing it.  My only hope is that given its the amazing critical and audience response the National decide to bring it back later in the year.  They are known to do that, so my fingers are firmly crossed. As there are no tickets left, I won’t torture you with a link.
  • The Prudes which is on in the smaller space upstairs at the Royal Court sounds like it is the right combination of smart, timely and funny. Keep hearing such wonderful things about it. There is limited availability left before this show closes on 2nd June. Well worth nabbing tickets, as it is free seating so even if you are last to book you can still get there nice and early to nab a good spot.
  • Building the Wall at the Park Theatre runs until 2nd June. “America, 2019. A President impeached. In a world of ‘fake news’, can anyone admit the truth?”  Definitely topical, I’ve seen some lovely reviews for this show directed by the Park’s artistic director Jez Bond. With an 80 minute running time, this show apparently packs a punch
  • Adam and Eve at the Hope Theatre has its first show tomorrow night and runs until 9th June. The Hope tends to have short runs so you need to move fast. It had a critically acclaimed run last year.  According to the blurb this new play asks whether marriage can survive in a post truth society.
  • The Rink at the Southwark Playhouse is another show that opens this week, so I’m basing my desire to see it purely on the fact that the Southwark Playhouse do great musicals.  The Rink is a tony award winning musical, and this is its first London revival in 20 years. I’m expecting great things (no pressure). It runs from 25th May – 23rd June.
  • Another yet to open show that is on my radar is Blueberry Toast at the Soho Theatre. Running from 24th May to 30th June. It is written by US playwright Mary Laws and this is its UK Premiere. It is described as a “cutting, absurdly funny, twisted tragedy”.  Well colour me intrigued.
  • My final choice is Red at the Wyndhams. I’ve generally lost interest in seeing shows in the big West End venues, the ticket prices can be prohibitive.  Having said that, this Michael Grandage directed revival has been getting such glowing responses to it, I definitely feel I’m missing out on something special.  The performances by Alfred Molina and Alfred Enoch have both been described in glowing terms. It runs until 28th July, so plenty of time to fit this into your busy schedules. I’ve not included a link, as multiple websites are selling tickets and I’d always recommend shopping around for these big shows, as there can sometimes be deals to be found.

So that is my theatre FOMO for now. If you do get to see any of them, I’d love to know what you think. Go on, rub it in, you know you want to.

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