Is there magic in the water at the Trafalgar Studios?


In May I wrote a theatre FOMO post, talking about the shows I wished I could be seeing but would sadly be missing. In that same spirit I want to talk about the Trafalgar Studios, which seems to be mopping up the cream of the crop of smaller space transfers.   There is definitely magic in the water there at the moment, as I’m seriously pining to see both of the shows they have on.

The first (in order of disappearance) is Dust which is on in their smaller Studio 2 space and runs until 13th October (eek, run my lovelies, time is running out).  This play enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, before a run at my much loved Soho Theatre, and is now enjoying yet more life at the Trafalgar Studios. Written and performed by Milly Thomas, this short play (great for those who dislike awkwardly milling around during intervals), is about suicide, and is told from the perspective of a woman who has just killed herself. She gets to see the impact her actions have on the world.  The words I keep seeing in my twitter feed, by those who saw and adored it include: powerful, honest, witty, poignant, raw, heartbreaking, virtuoso, funny and inspirational.

As someone who has the great joy of having to regularly wrestle with depression I’m heartened to see a show like Dust being so positively embraced. There is so much talk about depression on a macro level in the world (policies, lack of sufficient support, workplace well being, celebrity sufferers etc), it gives the general impression that things are improving.  But at the all important personal level we simply aren’t talking enough.  This is why we need shows like Dust, to drive those conversations.


The second is Misty which started life with a sold out run at the Bush Theatre, and has now extended its run at the Trafalgar Studios until 17th November.  Written and performed by Arinzé Kene, Misty includes live musicians, and is described as a “playful, profound and unique take on modern life in London”.  It has been getting rave reviews from my fellow theatre lovers on twitter. Here are the descriptors that particularly caught my attention: rebellious, moving, energetic, powerful, genius, dark, astounding, original, left me buzzing and unmissable.

So don’t be like me, wallowing in my own puddle of theatre envy, take advantage of the extended run and nab tickets for Misty.

I’m just glad that I’ve already got tickets to see Nine Night when that transfers to the Trafalgar Studios in December (it featured in my original theatre FOMO post), there is only so much missing out I can tolerate before I drown in a pool of self pity.

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