Mouthpiece at the Soho Theatre


Last week I was lucky enough to see Mouthpiece at the ever vibrant Soho Theatre.  There is so much I want to say about this show, but it is packed full of surprises and I’d hate to spoil it for first time audiences. As a result I find myself being deliberately vague.  So here is my list of vague reasons you should run to see Mouthpiece before it closes at the Soho on the 4th May.

  1. I’m not the first person to love this show. It had an acclaimed run at the Traverse Theatre in 2018.
  2.  The power to persuade of a two-hander sits heavily on the performances. There is nowhere for the actors to hide in this production & they have to carry the entire emotional weight of the play. Lorn Macdonald and Neve McIntosh are both magnificent, convincingly capturing the complex personalities of two discarded people from very different walks of life, the clash when their paths cross, and the emotional shift as their lives are changed.
  3. Kieran Hurley has created a masterclass in play-writing, and is unafraid to shine a light on the darker aspects of the theatre world. Makes this show an even greater “must see” for my theatre-making readers.
  4. It is really quite therapeutically potty-mouthed, and the humour peppered throughout the play is startling, sharp and deliciously dark.
  5. The pure, messy, humanity of it all.

Well that is as much as I can say without getting into specifics. If you do see Mouthpiece, let me know as there is soooo much more I want to say about it. I really should arrange a  Mouthpiece appreciation group meeting at the Soho.

If you are interested in seeing Mouthpiece and to make life easier, here is the link to find out more or book tickets (I know, I know, I’m just too thoughtful, but you only have until 4th May, so the clock is ticking).


Extract from Mouthpiece by Kieran Hurley, published by Oberon Modern Plays. Suffice it to say, I’ll be re-reading this regularly in the comfort of my own home.



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