[Title of Show] at Moors Bar, Crouch End

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The Camden Fringe is giving me the opportunity to explore unfamiliar parts of town. Today (a Friday) took me to Crouch End for the 2pm relaxed performance of [Title of Show] at the Moors Bar. A bit of a trek for a South Londoner but well worth the effort.

I didn’t know much about this show before watching it, but given the glut of shows I’m watching this fringe festival I’m quite impressed I remembered enough to know it is a musical. Plus there is something lovely about going into a show with no preconceptions.

[Title of show] is a self aware comedy musical about writing a musical about writing a musical. So far so meta. This production celebrates the 15th anniversary of this show, although the subject matter means it is as fresh and relevant today as it would have been 15 years ago.  This is Canadian company Plan Z’s inaugural UK production, and it is a wonderful, uplifting choice.

William Tippery and Kieran Parrott inhabit the characters of Hunter and Jeff so convincingly, you feel you are going on the creative journey with them. While Charlotte Denton and Alyssa LeClair bring a delightful energy to Heidi and Susan (random aside, I think Susan might be my spirit animal).  While the ever present (on keyboard), but frequently overlooked Robert Hazle, is endearing as Larry (the ever present, but frequently overlooked keyboard player).

This musical, about writing a musical, about writing a musical is a lot of fun, and this production brings it to life with a perfectly pitched lightness of touch.  It is a much needed shot of positivity for all those creative types out there struggling with their own projects.  The internal and external barriers that creators battle with come to life in song. I particularly loved the ode to our inner critic “Die Vampire Die”, that one may have resonated a little bit too much!

For those that already know and love [Title of Show] this is a production well worth catching. While for those, who like me, have never heard of it before, you get to enjoy a fun and vibrant introduction to this inspiring, self-reverential, funny musical.  You do need to get a wriggle on though as [Title of Show] closes tomorrow (10th August), but on the bright-side tomorrow is a two show day, so it doubles the odds of you being able to squeeze it in to your busy weekends.

As for the future, I can’t help thinking this show would be a natural fit for the Southwark Playhouse. Just saying….*

*This is just my opinion, but I like to put things out there on the off chance that the small gods of theatre are listening.



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