Ophelia Rewound at the Camden People’s Theatre


Ophelia Rewound is an autobiographical, interactive, solo performance devised, performed and directed by Antigoni Spanou.

Threading together the story of Ophelia, and Antigoni’s own experiences of depression and attempted suicide, this is a deeply personal and moving theatrical experience.

Starting at the end, our first role as audience is to witness and feel. This is not about rational understanding but emotionally responding to Antigoni’s performance. Beautiful and intricate projections are used to amplify and reflect Ophelia’s state of mind.

As we move further away, back from the moment of danger and potential suicide, the role of the audience changes. We are acknowledged. We are guests, our Ophelia is not used to having guests.   She interacts with us, and I can’t help hoping that the sense of comfort and connection I felt was flowing both ways.

I’m finding it very hard to explain why this show moved me so much. Maybe it is because I’ve had my own struggles with trauma and depression, but I think it goes deeper than that. Whether you’ve experienced it yourself or not, it is hard not to engage with someone sharing something so deeply personal.

The use of movement, projections and words are all deeply poetic. This is a show rich with symbolism and personal truth. Time loops into 2 minute cycles. There is tea and vulnerability.

As I left the theatre tears threatened, and my skin felt tender, as if I’d been polished and cleansed.   This is not a show that has been created to simply entertain, it is much more profound than that. Ophelia Rewound has the ability to transform its audiences, even if they may not know how or why.

Ophelia Rewound runs at the Camden People’s Theatre until 25th August. I highly recommend it to those of you open to sharing “a moment of collective transformation”.

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