Gaping Hole at Ovalhouse

Gaping Hole no3

Gaping Hole is my third show of Ovalhouse’s Demolition Party Season, and while I am sad to farewell the venue (although the plans for their new building in Brixton looks amazing), I’m really enjoying the variety of the shows they have scheduled to send off their Oval home in style.

Gaping Hole is created and performed by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead. While some of us might shake our heads at blatant, gigantic, some might even say gaping, plot holes in films, this pair take it a step further and use their imaginations to inventively plug those holes.

So if you ever wondered how Andy DuFresne managed to get the poster perfectly back in place following his escape from Shawshank, Rachel Mars offers you a potential, if far-fetched explanation. Ditto, if you find yourself screaming “bloody hell shift up Rose, there’s room for 2” when watching the end of Titanic, Greg Wohead offers an alternative perspective on what was really going on and Jack’s ultimate fate.

This is all very fun and well executed, with an engaging deadpan humour to the performances. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in the same way again.  However, it is when they turn their creative focus onto the plot holes in their own lives, that the depth and heart of the show comes through.  They highlight the fact that the image we have of ourselves does not always line-up with the choices we make.  Frankly it is much easier to be consistent and neat in fiction, even if that does result in the occasional plot hole.  So the next time you find yourself doing something you realise does not align with your own beliefs in who you are, know that you are not alone.

Gaping Hole is running at Ovalhouse until 23rd November. Packed full of laughs and film references, it makes for an entertaining and quirky night of theatre. A must for the film geeks among you. Actually for those of you who get disproportionately annoyed by movie plot holes, you might even consider this therapy.


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