F**k Freud at the Tristan Bates

Poster Fk Freud[14116]

After a short and well received run as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, Lucio Veronesi’s debut play ‘F**k Freud’ is running at the Tristan Bates until 7th December.  Lucio Veronesi also takes the lead in this piece about Leone, a young Italian actor living in London and trying to make sense of life after drama school.

The play brims with humour and compassion, as we watch Leone struggle to make his way in the world, while dealing with relationship problems, type casting, insane casting calls, a judgemental Alexa and a customer service job that exasperates him.  Lucio Veronesi gives a sensitive performance as Leone, who can’t articulate why he is having an existential crisis in his 20s (seems as good a time as any, if you ask me), and I couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him as this inability to communicate builds barriers between him and those closest to him.   Throw in some surrealist elements, and it is no wonder poor Leone is so off kilter.

Veronesi has written a beautifully balanced and personal piece that seamlessly fuses the mundane with the strange, heightening the overall impact of the play.  If Leone is unravelling, he seems to be taking us with him.  Veronesi is joined on stage by  Siobhan Gallagher, Robbie Fletcher-Hill and Jason Imlach, who adeptly play a variety of roles between them.  These talented young actors bring a wonderful energy and dynamism to the piece, orbiting around the more introspective character of Leone.

‘F**k Freud’ marks Griffin Mosson’s directorial debut, and he demonstrates a deep understanding of the world that Veronesi has created with his writing, bringing it to life with a confidence and skill I’d expect from a veteran director. The rhythm of the play lands perfectly, as we shift from the comic to the serious with a smooth fluidity and grace that fully engages. Charlotte Maggs’ set design delicately grounds the world of the play, while also providing an impressive level of adaptability, ensuring smooth and speedy transitions during the frequent scene changes.

All in all ‘F**k Freud’ is a delight to watch.  I highly recommend making the effort to see this show before it closes on 7th December. It runs at 6pm at the Tristan Bates, with an additional 12.45 performance on Saturday.

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