Sex/Crime at the Soho Theatre


‘Sex/Crime’ is down to limited availability (if any) for remaining performances before it closes at the Soho Theatre on 1st Feb.

Written by Alexis Gregory this is a pitch black comedy about sex, connection, violence and love. This two-hander stars Jonny Woo as A and Alexis Gregory as B. As the play opens B has arrived for his “experience” that is being led by A.  A is the dominant in this scenario, with B very much the submissive. Although, he isn’t the best at being submissive, far too many questions and demands.  We realise pretty quickly that this is some kind of serial killer experience, and B is there to be the victim.  These experiences are based on the real work of an enigmatic killer who has achieved the status of legend.

‘Sex/Crime’ is an interesting play with many layers to it. Both Gregory and Woo give strong, dispassionate performances, reinforcing the show’s themes of disconnection and relationship dysfunction. The vision of love given in this piece is very dark.  In fact, this is a production that embraces the dark, as Mike Robertson’s lighting often plunges us into darkness for prolonged periods of time. This heightens the discomfort of the piece, but also highlights some of tension breaking comic moments. While bleak, there is also a lot of comedy in this piece.

Robert Chevara’s direction leans into the jarring, awkwardness of the play and its protagonists. There is something quite menacing in the almost deadpan, cold-eyed way Woo and Gregory interact with each other. The stage design is simple but effective, ensuring our focus is very much on the performances, as we navigate the twists and turns of this strange, new relationship.  Dystopian themes blend with the contemporary which at times can disorient, however scattered dates and references are shared, which allows this dark vision to settle into focus as the London of today.

‘Sex/Crime’ is a fascinating, dark and twisted piece that paints a disturbing picture of our ability to connect with each other in modern times. ‘Sex/Crime’ runs at the Soho Theatre upstairs until 1st February.

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