Tarot at VAULT Festival (The Forge)

TarotRah Petherbridge Photography

‘Tarot’ fuses live music, acrobatics, dance, flame throwing and tarot readings to create a darkly entertaining show. While there is a thread to the piece – the Fool’s journey through some of the Tarot Major Arcana – this doesn’t feel like a fully integrated and thought-through piece. It will be interesting to see how they develop it further. I’m not convinced the live tarot readings of audience members adds a lot to the show, I’d rather have seen more of the performance and the fool’s journey.

Ruby Wednesday is our engaging MC for the evening, as well as playing the role of tarot historian, tarot reader, flame-thrower and fire-eater.  Yoshi, led by Ben Smith, provide the atmospheric live music, which responds and adapts based on the card in play. Although, as an audience member, that level of improvisation was slightly lost to me.

The Feathers of Daedalus troupe is a multi-talented one, and the acrobatic and physical elements of the show are truly impressive, even though they are confined to a very tight space. One of the performers did take a painful looking fall in the show I saw, but quickly got back to her feet to well-deserved applause from the audience.. I suspect these dedicated performers are used to being battered and bruised, as they really push themselves physically throughout the show. It was these elements that had me on the edge of my seat, and I feel could have benefited from a larger space and more developed choreography.

All in all, I enjoyed ‘Tarot’ but it wasn’t as captivating as I’d hoped it would be. I do think the early 6pm timeslot, isn’t a good fit.  I think this would suit a 9pm mood much better.

‘Tarot’ runs at VAULT festival until 1st February



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