Gobby at the Vault Festival


After a successful run at the Edinburgh fringe, ‘Gobby’ has come to the Vault Festival for its final UK performances, before heading to Australia.

Jodie Irvine writes and performs in this one-woman play about Bri, a woman who has earned herself the nickname Gobby, because she talks so much. But is there anything really wrong with that?  While ‘Gobby’ is not an auto-biographical piece, there is a real sense of authenticity and truth in the portrayal of Bri, and her experiences.  Bri is a very relatable and engaging character.

The show opens with Bri explaining that she is here to tell us about what she has learned from attending or hosting 5 different parties. But this isn’t a guide to throwing great parties. There is a serious underlying message to the piece, that sneaks up on you. Bri is funny. Bri feels left out of her old university cliche. Bri has made a wonderful new friend called Beth. Seriously, Beth is awesome.

‘Gobby’ is packed full of humour, with Irvine adopting various accents to bring different characters to life, with the additional help of balloons and party poppers (obviously). However, despite the many laugh out loud moments, ‘Gobby’ is also a moving piece with dark undercurrents. Self-awareness is a recurring theme, as are anger and trauma, even if they do come wrapped in the palatable package of comedy.

I don’t want to say too much, because there is a sense of discovery in the way Irvine has structured the story, that engages and moves the audience. I would hate to spoil that experience. Suffice it to say, Bri is not OK. Parties probably aren’t the answer, but they do provide a surprisingly enlightening window on her life.

As already mentioned Vault Festival is the last chance to see ‘Gobby’ in the UK before Irvine takes her show to Aus.  Saturday (tonight) is sold out, but the 2 final performances on Sunday (9th Feb) still have some tickets.  Now for my Australian friends, family, and potential random readers, ‘Gobby’ will be touring as follows:

Stirling- 27th Feb 2020 at Stirling Fringe

Adelaide – 3-15th Mar 2020 at Adelaide Fringe

Melbourne – 16-21st Mar 2020 at The Butterfly Club

‘Gobby’ is a beautifully written, often hilarious, yet thought-provoking show, and it is well worth going to see it if you have the chance.



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