Leaning into Uncertainty

Those of you who follow me on Linkedin will know I have a long history of designing and facilitating workshops for corporate clients, mainly in the branding, marketing and media space. Those of you who regularly read my blog, or follow me on twitter, will know that I’ve been through the wars recently following a cancer diagnosis in 2018. I am now doing very well, and discovered that dealing with a life-threatening illness shifted my perspective on life. It taught me to accept, rather than fight, uncertainty. It also led me to focus more on my own self-care, while discovering a new fascination with the world of positive psychology.

In a nutshell, my life experiences set me up to cope remarkably well with the Covid-19 lockdown and associated uncertainties. I’m a freelancer, who works mainly within an industry that is very sensitive to economic downturns. Oops! So my recent focus has been to really examine what I want to do next, and how I can financially support myself moving forward. I am full of exciting ideas for where my personal journey might take me next. HOWEVER, I do not have all the answers. What I do have is a lot of very useful questions. Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

I’ve been working on a new workshop design that marries my love of positive psychology, with my strategic problem-solving brain, in order to help people who are struggling to find their footing in an uncertain world. Yes, ultimately I intend to package and sell these to corporate and private clients. My cats have expensive tastes, so I need to make a living. Sadly my national lottery ticket buying habit has only resulted in the occasional £2.80 win.

Recently, every time I’ve checked in on Linkedin, I’ve been sad to see more and more people I know, or am loosely connected with, announcing they have been made redundant. For many that will feel like the ultimate rug pull, as they find themselves facing unemployment in the middle of a pandemic. The instinct to grab at any opportunity will be strong. Negative self-talk is also likely to be loud, and counter-productive. Frankly, it is never productive. So I made the decision to take my uncertainty workshop and adapt it specifically to meet the needs of (a) the newly redundant and (b) freelancers struggling to find projects. It also felt right to run it COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE for those very people. So I picked a date (MONDAY 6th JULY 2020) and I’m doing it!

While there is no financial cost to the participants, there is still a commitment involved. If you would like to join this free one-day “Leaning in to Uncertainty” workshop on MONDAY 6th JULY 2020, you are agreeing to:

  • Do the homework you are asked to do ahead of the session. You will need it for the morning exercises and there won’t be time to play catch-up on the day
  • Clear the day from 10am-5pm BST and give the workshop your full attention (there will be breaks, I’m not psychotic)
  • Do all the exercises, even if it feels silly or uncomfortable
  • Complete the feedback form that will be shared after the session. This is a newly designed approach and the biggest gift to me would be honest and constructive feedback
  • If you do find the session rewarding, and ONLY if you can afford to at this time, please consider donating some money to your local food bank

What can you expect from the day?

  • Anonymity. Introverts rejoice, you will not be on screen. There will be no group working. This is about you, your journey, your needs and planning your future. The downside is you will be seeing A LOT of me. If you share a home with others you may well want to ask them not to disturb you during the process (or they are always welcome to join-in, just a thought)
  • A small manageable piece of homework that you will be briefed on after you’ve booked
  • A clearly structured, guided-journey. Starting from a self check-in and ultimately finishing with an action plan you will have created to meet your specific needs and circumstances
  • You will need to bring paper and pens/pencils. Don’t bring your most beautiful notebook. There will be stuff you will want to keep and refer to, but there will also be a fair bit of free-writing that you may well want to bin, burn or shred at the end (it can be satisfying)
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Mainly because life is too short to be torturing ourselves with our fashion choices.

So if you, or someone you know, would be interested in taking part, or you would like to get more information, you can reach me through the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from those of you who would like to take part.

And remember to take care of each other. It’s tough out there, and life is not a competition. Well, a happy life isn’t anyway.

Also, if you are curious about the photo, it is from New Zealand, where the road ahead tends to be much clearer, on multiple levels!

Registration for the 6th July workshop has now CLOSED. If you would like information about future workshops – dates and costs – you can still reach me through the contact form below.

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