10th August – ‘Leaning In To Uncertainty’ Workshop

I am very pleased to announce that my second ‘Leaning In to Uncertainty’ workshop will take place on Monday 10th August 2020 from 9.45am – 5pm BST. Following positive and practical feedback from the participants of my inaugural session on 6th July, I’ve made some tweaks to create this new & improved version.

Who would benefit from the ‘Leaning In To Uncertainty’ workshop?

“I’d recommend the workshop to everyone – we all need to learn to cope in our “new normal””

Participant feedback survey
  • You may be working, but fear for your future employment.
  • You may be a freelancer whose projects have been cancelled because of Covid-19, so you are now rethinking what services you offer.
  • You may have been made redundant and are having to re-imagine what your future work-life might look like.
  • It may feel like your entire industry is on the brink of collapse and you are being forced to rethink everything.

Work uncertainty comes in many forms, and all who are experiencing it are welcome

What does the ‘Leaning In To Uncertainty’ workshop involve?

a thoroughly enjoyable day and lots and lots for me to action off the back of it

Participant feedback survey

Given the high level of work based anxiety at the moment, my workshop focuses on addressing career worries and uncertainty. Inspired by learnings from the world of positive psychology, and my own experiences of managing uncertainty, I take you through a series of exercises designed to help build your confidence, manage your well-being, envision success and create an action plan.

“Thank you for providing the focus I needed at this point in my career”

Participant feedback survey

I include techniques you can use in your day-to-day life to help you manage your response to uncertainty and move towards a more optimistic outlook. I firmly believe that we under-estimate our own resilience, and once we recognise that, it is a lot easier to let go of our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

To take part, all you need is a reliable internet connection and the ability to access Zoom.

How much does it cost?

It was a great and gentle way to be guided to growth without it feeling dry and like hard work”

Participant feedback survey

I have worked to keep the cost for this full day personal development workshop affordable at £60. However, if that amount is beyond your means, please reach out, as I am reserving two FREE places for those experiencing financial hardship to all my virtual workshops. I don’t want cost to be a barrier to attend my online workshops.

UPDATE: the 2 free spaces I offer have been claimed for the 10th August workshop. A donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) is now offering to fund an additional 2 FREE places. Which is great news, but they are liable to be snapped up quickly.

LATEST UPDATE: ALL of the free places for 10th August workshop have been claimed. Should you wish to be added to a waiting list in case one of the free place recipients can no longer make it, please let me know. I am also happy to add you to my mailing list should you want to be among the first to hear when the next workshop opens for booking.

There are still paying places available (as of 23rd July). Registration will remain open until 6th August or until all places have been booked, whichever comes first (now wouldn’t that be a lovely reason to close registration early)

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