Leaves at the Jermyn Street Theatre

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Running as part of the Footprints Festival at the Jermyn Street Theatre, “Leaves” is an intriguing solo show. With a running time of 40-minutes, there is a lot to enjoy in the varied twists and layers of ‘Leaves’. I don’t want to give away too much, as the fourth and final performance is this Thursday, 1st July, and it is available to watch in person or to stream online.

David Mildon plays Henry Wicks, who is there to talk about his new book. A book about a book, he is a bilingual scholar with a passion for French poetry. Distracted by the books around him, he transports us back to his time as a student in Paris and the woman he met there. What starts as a love story becomes something more unexpected, closer to Edgar Allen Poe than Nicholas Sparks. And all the better for it. Mildon jumps effortlessly between English and French, but in a way that is sympathetic to any non-French speakers in the audience.

Directed by Simon Evans, this show focuses on the storytelling, avoiding any unnecessary distractions. The attention is on Mildon’s Wicks as he tries to explain something he doesn’t fully understand himself. Mildon’s creation holds the attention throughout the 40-minute show, helped by the surprising and strange journey his tale takes us on.

Well worth catching on-line or in person, if you have the chance.

To find out more about ‘Leaves’ or other shows running as part of the Footprints festival, you can visit https://www.jermynstreettheatre.co.uk/

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