Tethered (or the adventures of the adequately excited people) at the Lion & Unicorn

Tethered (or the adventures of the adequately excited people) by Chewboy productions. Running at the Lion & Unicorn until Saturday 24th July 2021. Georgie Bailey & Hal Darling pictured.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Last night I made my way to Kentish Town to the lovely Lion & Unicorn pub, to enjoy the penultimate night of the new dark comedy play ‘Tethered’ from ChewBoy productions. Billed as a “surreal play dealing with hope, loss and the reliance we have on others” there is something deliciously warm-hearted about ‘Tethered’ Written by Georgie Bailey (who also plays Moins) this two-hander succeeds in being both hilariously self-aware and absurd, as we are invited not only to see the play but also observe the preparation for the play in one fluid, interchangeable piece. Where do the characters end and the actors begin?

Hal Darling plays both Sans and a version of himself, or maybe it is his true self, who knows? Does it matter? He has perfected his favourite monologue and is ready to go while Moins, who is also Georgie Bailey the actor and playwright, can’t stop tinkering with the piece. The chemistry between Darling and Bailey imbues the play with its warmth and hopefulness. Surely their friendship can survive anything? But what happens if one wants to escape, and the other isn’t quite finished yet? Well, that’s going to prove awkward.

Directed by Lucy Betts, ‘Tethered’ uses every tool in its arsenal to great effect, combining physical comedy, dance, party props, music and the ever present threat of audience participation, to create an incomprehensibly satisfying whole. This is the sort of theatre you can fall in love with, but without totally understanding why. In the world of ‘Tethered’ there isn’t much use for whys anyway.

‘Tethered’ runs until tonight (Saturday 24th July, 7.30pm, running time of 1 hour) at the Lion & Unicorn, so if you are the spontaneous sort, and you enjoy absurdist surreal comedies, I’d highly recommend grabbing a ticket. It is really is delightfully odd. I’d happily watch it again if I were free. Plus the food at the Lion & Unicorn is delicious, so you could make a night of it. If you wanted to.

You can find out more here: https://www.thelionandunicorntheatre.com/whats-on

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