The Interview at the Bread and Roses Theatre

‘The Interview’ running 27-31 July 2021 at the Bread & Roses Theatre. Photographed by Sean Carbert. Joshua David Bartholomew and Katie-Emma Silverson pictured.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Things are not as they may seem in this debut production from theatre company One Moment Theatre. There is plenty to enjoy in ‘The Interview’. Written by Joshua David Bartholomew the play’s strengths lies in the many comic moments that pepper the piece, and the interesting plot twists. Katie-Emma Silverson is engaging and funny as the interviewee who has a tendency to overshare. Silverson’s comic timing imbues her character with a natural, easy warmth which is fun to watch.

In counterpoint our playwright Bartholomew also performs, taking on the role of the interviewer. A tougher character to breathe life into, as he is much more reserved. While there are glimpses of both humour and menace in this character, overall he comes across as quite 2 dimensional, particularly in contrast to Silverson’s more vivid interviewee. While I can understand the decision to play him as quite emotionless, it feels as if he would be more compelling and convincing if he were given more notes to hit.

Sean Carbert’s direction is quite straight forward. It is always a challenge to bring physicality into a two-hander where both performers spend the lion’s share of the performance seated. However, when there is scope to bring more movement into the piece, it feels a tad awkward.

With ‘The Interview’ Bartholomew explores some interesting concepts, but the play itself struggles to fill the full hour running time. It might be more impactful as a tighter, pacier, shorter piece. While I struggled with the credibility of the final plot twist, I nonetheless enjoyed the play. It will be interesting to see how One Moment Theatre position themselves moving forward, in terms of their voice as a theatre company and whether they will continue to focus on new writing that explores the unexpected in mundane situations.

‘The Interview’ runs at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham until 31st July 2021. You can find out more or book tickets at:;instance=20210727193000

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