Hello, I’m You! at the Hen and Chickens (Camden Fringe)

Hello, I’m You! running at Hen & Chickens 9-11 August 2021. Peter Collis pictured.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Catnip Theatre’s ‘Hello, I’m you!’ is a new play by Kevin G Drury that takes us into the mundane world of Warren F Gaitskill, a world that is about to unravel thanks to the arrival of a stranger on his doorstep who claims to be him.

There is something delightfully surreal about this new comedy, that unapologetically slips into pure farce in places. I don’t want to say too much about the plot because there are twists and surprises along the way, and it is good to go in fresh.

The cast universally throw themselves into the piece with a gusto that is essential given the strange world they find themselves in. Peter Collis and Kevin G Drury have a wonderful chemistry in the meticulously choreographed Warren face off, that makes for highly entertaining viewing. Just as the action is at risk of starting to flag, Cathy Walker brings fresh energy to the confounding situation as Warren’s much missed ex-girlfriend.

Alex Pearson shows a keen eye for detail in her direction of the piece, and successfully brings to life the comedy of the show that sits within the interplay of the different Warrens. She definitely makes the most of a talented cast, encouraging them to lean into absurdity without being overly constrained by naturalism. There is a heightened sense of the comic and the theatrical that pervades the piece and works beautifully with the content of the play.

‘Hello, I’m you!’ teases the brain and tickles the funny bone. Not for those who disapprove of silliness. You have a last chance to catch it at the Hen and Chickens tonight (Wednesday 11th August 2021) at 7.30pm.

Covid protections in place at the venue:

Hen & Chickens has hand sanitiser readily available. Masks do not seem to be required wearing and socially distanced seating isn’t requested. If you are going for one of the later showings, the pub does get very busy, so not for anyone nervous about crowds and unmasked strangers spitting words barely inches from your face (more of an issue for the 9pm show slot).

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