I Miss Amy Winehouse (WIP) at Etcetera Theatre (Camden Fringe)

Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Slightly out of my element (but in a good way) I found myself reviewing a comedy show last night. ‘I Miss Amy Winehouse’ is the first solo hour from new comedian Suchandrika Chakrabarti and it is about how much she misses Amy Winehouse, there are quizzes and everything. Of course it is also about a lot more than that.

It touches upon the need for nostalgia so many of us felt during the pandemic, as looking back provided reassurance in a time when planning for the future was put on pause. She also touches on the unnaturalness of us being disconnected during lockdown, as no matter how strangely it might manifest (particularly when it comes to the collective sharing of grief following the death of a celebrity) it is natural for us to take strength from gathering together.

Being a work in progress Chakrabarti is experimenting and finding her flow, but as she is such an engaging, smart and funny presence ‘I Miss Amy Winehouse’ makes for an entertaining night of comedy. There is a thoughtfulness to her humour, that is rooted in deep psychological truths. This is intelligent comedy that embraces the silly and channels the power of time travel. Spoiler alert, Young Suchandrika will travel back and meet her hero after all!

‘I Miss Amy Winehouse’ is for those who enjoy their comedy thought provoking. Detailed knowledge of Amy Winehouse’s life is not required, but could come in handy when the rest of the audience are struggling during the quiz sections. We did not acquit ourselves particularly well, truth be told, but it was Friday 13th.

‘I Miss Amy Winehouse’ has a 9.30pm performance tonight (14th August) and a 11.30am performance on 29th August (for those that like to start the day with a laugh) both are at the Etcetera Theatre. At only ¬£5 a ticket, it is a bargain, particularly when calculated on a cost per laugh basis (a calculation I will not be attempting here).

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