Three Way at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre (Camden Fringe)

Written by Alexander Millington Three Way is a a collection of 3 monologues about male bisexuality told from 3 different perspectives. We have a man (played by Millington himself) whose husband refers to his earlier experiences with women at university as his “experimental phase”. A school girl (played by Naomi Phillips) who discovers her father is bisexual after her parents divorce. And a scantily clad man (Jamie Dunn) whose first sexual encounter with a man left him feeling vulnerable and exposed, and while he still wants to explore sex with a man he needs it to be in a way that feels safe.

It is refreshing to see a show that talks about bi-sexuality in a way that doesn’t fetishize it, and despite the title, is free of threesomes. It is even more refreshing for it to focus on the male bisexual experience. Millington and Dunn are engaging as two very different bisexual men, sharing their stories with a focus on sexual experience and expression. While Phillips pulls you in with the story of her character’s bisexual father and her relationship with him and his different partners.

Bi-sexual erasure is a recurring theme, something experienced by so many in the bi-community, as their sexuality tends to be allocated based on their latest relationship status. You are married to a man = you are gay, is the default thinking. There is also a nod to the stereotype of bisexuals being promiscuous in the monologue performed by Millington, something that is referenced but not deeply addressed,

Three Way treats the subject of bisexuality with sensitivity and the monologues are each interesting in their own right. However, they don’t knit together to make a greater, cohesive whole. They would work just as effectively being told separately as 3 short pieces.

Helen Millington’s direction of Three Way really brings out the humanity of the piece, as we follow our 3 characters on their separate journeys. There is a deliberate focus on actively making the audience feel like a part of these 3 different worlds that adds a fun sense of warmth to the play.

Three Way runs at the Lion and Unicorn until Saturday 28th August as part of the Camden Fringe Festival 2021.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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