Having worked in the hot belly of the advertising world for over 20 years, Stephanie is currently a freelance strategy consultant, workshop designer and facilitator, award entry beautifier, mentor, pitch ghost, novelist, short story writer, theatre blogger and possible playwright (it’s on the ever expanding to-do list).

She is always excited to hear about any projects that would benefit from her particular set of skills within the world of marketing and advertising.

She spends as much time in front of computer screens as ever but these days her wardrobe consists of a growing collection of pyjamas. She is discovering that bantering with Louis and Pip (both cats) is an exercise in futility, but there’s always twitter.

She acknowledges she’s a theatre addict, however still denies this is an actual problem. Maybe when the money runs out and she finds herself begging outside of theatres she’ll realise it’s time to rein it in.

Stephanie can often be found haunting her favourite theatre café/bars during the day armed with a laptop and a pot of tea.*

*She does not bring her own pot of tea, but purchases them from the aforementioned theatre café/bars. This is part of the unwritten but often spoken café/writer contract.