2022 Update: Stephanie is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. She is not available to review shows. She is still taking on small freelance projects to pay the bills. 

Having worked in the hot belly of the advertising world for over 20 years, Stephanie is now a freelance advertising strategist, workshop designer and facilitator, award entry beautifier, mentor, pitch ghost, novelist, short story writer, theatre blogger, Arts Emergency Mentor and Age UK Volunteer (she has an ever expanding to-do list).

It would be fair to say theatre blogging eats up most of her free time, as she is passionate about supporting emerging artists. It is her way of trying to help, and she can mainly be found haunting fringe theatres. While she does sometimes shake things up by seeing a West End show, if she is paying for a ticket, she isn’t reviewing. Them’s the rules.

She acknowledges she’s a theatre addict, however still denies this is an actual problem.

If you enjoy what she does, please do buy her a coffee, it all helps!